Dale Fischer

General Contractor
Envisage Properties LLC

I started in construction in 1981 building my own home, as a side project, while working full time as a production manager of a large manufacturing facility. It was during this process that it became clear I had found my passion. Four years later I built my second home, which I sold prior to completion, and the rest is as they say “history”. In 1985, I became a carpenter’s apprentice and gleaned as much knowledge as I could for two years at which time I decided to step out on my own. So, into the classroom I went, studied for several months before taking and passing the General Contractor license test from the state of California. 1988 began my journey as a GC. Started framing new homes as a sub-contractor, which led to finish carpentry work, and eventually design and construction of new homes from the ground up. I have literally done every phase of construction personally and understand what it takes to build quality.

Since moving to Colorado in 2012, I have had the opportunity to build patio covers, complete basement remodels, start with a clean slate to create new basement concepts. Transform kitchens and bathrooms to reflect homeowner’s ideas and dreams, as well as construct from the ground up, million dollar custom home.

At Envisage Properties we are committed to the homeowner. Bringing ideas which begin on paper and in pictures to life while working within budgets and timelines.